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Get the Best Cat Hashtags for Social Media Here and Find the Cat Images You Want

Cat fans listen up!  You’ve been searching Instagram all wrong and we’re going to tell you how to change it up.  Whether you love to search for cat images on social media or you have the cutest cat (and you want the world to see them), then using the right cat hashtags is the key to social media success.

Growing your cat’s career as an Instagrammer relies on great looking images, the right type of words to accompany that image and of course, your Instagram hashtag use.  People who search for cat images usually use a cat hashtag in the Instagram search bar or they click on other posts’ hashtags to see what images come up.  So if you’re not using a cat hashtag (or you’re not using the right cat hashtags) you won’t get the results you want, and your cat’s Influencing career might stall.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.  We will give you the best cat hashtags to use to search for cat images and also to help get your cat pictures noticed on Instagram.  Whether you’re a social media lover who wants to leverage your pet business or cat food business (see this interesting piece to help with social media strategies for black-owned businesses.).

How Many Hashtags Can You Use?

While on the topic of growing a cat-related business, on Instagram there’s a limit of how many cat hashtags you can use per post and that’s 30 maximum.  However, before you rush out and try and find thirty different hashtags to use on your cat post, do bear in mind that posts with so many cat hashtags can look cluttered.  We’d recommend sticking with around ten cat hashtags and add one of your own so that if your cat becomes an Insta star, then he or she will already have a unique cat hashtag to accompany their post.  Don’t forget to add tags, emojis, stickers and beautifully crafted text to your cat post.  You can also use a piece like this to tell you how to highlight your post to really dress up your cat post.  For inspirational account name ideas, click here.

List of Brilliant Cat Hashtags

Use Up to 30 Hashtags

Without further ado, here’s our top cat hashtags’ list to help you to find the cat images you want and to use to get your cat’s photographs noticed:

  • #cat.  This is the most commonly-used cat hashtag of all (and no surprises there really!). It’s all about the cat so use this obvious cat hashtag whenever you search in the search bar and whenever you post a picture of your feline four-legged fluffiness.
  • #kitten.  Another obvious one but less obvious than cat – still, it’s a widely used cat hashtag and one that you shouldn’t ignore, especially if your cat isn’t fully grown yet.  Plus, who can resist a divine kitten pic?
  • #catlovers. If you love a cat pic, then you’re a cat lover and this is a very popular cat hashtag that cat fans use to search for pictures of felines.  Add it to your posts to further push user engagement and to find the images you long to see.
  • #catsofInstagram.  This hashtag was designed by cat lovers on Instagram for cat lovers on Instagram!  It’s a highly popular cat hashtag that should accompany every cat post you put on the platform.
  • #catsagram.  Just like the hashtag we’ve mentioned above (but abbreviated), this is another big cat hashtag that people like to use when looking for pictures of cats or when posting pictures of their pets.
  • #kitty.  A less popular cat hashtag than the ones we’ve already mentioned but still, an important cat hashtag in its own right.  Use this cat hashtag on your cat posts to see what results you get and check it out by typing it in the search bar to see how many millions of cat pictures it returns.
  • #instacat.  Another Insta-only cat hashtag that’s a must-use on the platform.  It’s as popular as #catsofInstagram and #catsagram.
  • #gingercat #blackcat #whitecat or any color cat you want!  If you want specifics, then this is a good type of hashtag to use and narrows down your results.

Final Words on Cat Hashtags

So now you have everything you need to find the cat posts you want and to make your cat an inspirational cat Influencer.  Don’t forget to look at what other cat accounts on the Gram use for their hashtags and add around 10 hashtags to your cat posts to maximize your chances of your pet being seen by other cat fans.  Happy hashtagging!