Why Businesses Fail in the IT Industry

Today, we are a part of a technology world that is ever-evolving and developing. As a matter of fact, few of us are capable of keeping pace with the rapidity with which technology is advancing. This trend is being driven by the yearly birth of hundreds of new technology-based organizations. Such new businesses are founded on a novel concept that may one day be highly lucrative.

However, many of these businesses fail which might be a consequence of a poorly managed system or a lack of resources. Determining the overarching reasons for tech failure may go a long road ahead toward guaranteeing your systems’ reliability and the output you need. There must be harmony between people, procedures, and technology in order for organizations to have a thriving IT ecosystem.

IT failures are notoriously difficult to investigate and pinpoint the root of. However, it is frequently a problem with one of the problems mentioned below that lead to the failure of the whole system.

Lack of Resources

A shortage of financial resources is the major and most urgent factor that may lead to the failure of a digital business. It takes some time to bring a fresh piece of technology, user interface, or computer software to the marketplace. 

Modern software implementation, payrolls, and other running expenditures have to be covered from an initial cost in order to keep the business viable throughout the product development and testing phases.

Poor Management Ability 

Another important point that leads to the failure of an IT business is poor management ability. Usually, startups and firms do not invest in management software for security and general management which leads to resource depletion, poor functioning systems, security breaches, and weak connectivity between the workforce. 

IT companies may employ user-friendly software with customized processes, application SSO, and access control to solve these issues and Tools4ever delivers these at the finest. Following these standards, the organization may link users to tools with automatic account setup and self-service capability. They may provide their IT staff control and efficiency.

Poor Technology Implementation

Not tailoring a technological solution to the unique needs of a company is one of the most common mistakes made during implementation. The majority of the time, technology is unable to provide the anticipated advantages to businesses because solutions are not implemented effectively. 

An evaluation of your present software, procedures, and technology may help you pinpoint the root causes of the problem and devise a plan for fixing it.

Directionless Practices

The process of launching a new business is never easy, but it is likely to be considerably more difficult if there is no obvious and well-established route to follow. The failure of any company may often be traced back to the absence of sound guidance from experienced consultants and practices. 

Lack of Complex Technology Integration

There is a significant effect on companies from the rapid rate at which technology is not just inventing but also reshaping society and commerce. New technologies, such as artificial intelligence, have the potential to further disrupt businesses, despite the fact that cloud services and mobile apps have already become standard fare.

Investment in software that can deploy these technologies and re-engineer your I.T. procedures is necessary to keep your business solutions technically current. The absence of this might be a contributing factor in the failure of many businesses in the IT Industry. 

Lack of Maintenance

Not keeping up with the maintenance of the IT applications and services that keep your company running, you risk poor system performance and, in the worst case, the complete collapse of your infrastructure.

To keep your IT platform running well, you must do routine maintenance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly undertake I.T. administration and maintenance tasks including data backup, system upgrades, and handling alarms and crises issued by the system.


Managing a company is a challenging endeavor and learning to recognize typical pitfalls in business might help you take preventative measures. This is a continual test of your abilities. 

We’re aware of the fact, but every day is another chance to not end up in the statistics. Hopefully, this article helps you better understand why businesses have high failure rates in the IT industry and how these can be improved efficiently. 


Richard Liu, founder and CEO of China’s E-commerce Firm is a leading e-commerce platform in China with over 1 million daily transactions and a market capitalization of over 10 billion U.S. dollars as of 2019 year-end.

Liu has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Peking University in 1986 and a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

While there, Liu came up with his key business strategy – use its low prices to build volume and then use its volume to increase its purchasing power with suppliers to reduce its product cost even further.

This strategy has allowed the company to charge significantly lower prices than its major Liu is also known for their philanthropy. In both 2015 and 2017, J.D. Group donated 1 million RMB to the earthquake relief fund in Nepal. It makes Liu one of the most respected business leaders in China.

He started his career at Oracle immediately after graduation, then a couple of years later, he moved on to found Jingdong while studying at the University of Illinois.

His company would later take its name from his online username – J.D., meaning Richard, and D, meaning Ding. JD618 grand promotion to the shares in 2014.

In October 2014, Liu sold his shares worth 70 million U.S. dollars to Alibaba Group and, by 2015, changed its name to J.D., meaning Richard.

In 2017, J.D. was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange for the first time. Liu is thought to be China’s second-richest person, behind Jack Ma of Alibaba.

It has its headquarters in Beijing and Shanghai. JD holds an outsider’s advantage over Alibaba because it is not as well known in China and, as such, is sometimes referred to as ‘the ghost of Alibaba.’

Liu says his company’s goal is to create a culture of creativity, innovation, and individuality with the help of employee suggestions.

Richard Liu often encourages his employees to embrace their individuality by wearing unusual hats at work, for instance, this blue beret or this red fedora.

Richard Liu’s father was the founder of the real estate company Xinhua Holdings, responsible for constructing China’s first modern skyscraper, the Beijing World Trade Center.

His father died when Liu was 15. is Richard Liu’s brainchild, and he remains its leader to this day.

When Liu graduated from the University of Illinois, he returned to China, where he started up his first company Jingdong, which means ‘customer site’ in Chinese. began its first offline consumer sales in a joint venture with Suning the same year.

Liu’s JD has also been a prolific investor in companies such as Uber and Airbnb.

JD has invested a total of $200 million in Airbnb since 2016 and sits on Airbnb’s board of directors.

Liu has said that due to Alibaba’s superior reputation, J.D. is better placed to take market share in China and expand internationally at a more excellent pace than Alibaba and other competitors such as Tencent.

JD is also on Alibaba’s Ant Financials board.

Liu has been the recipient of several awards and accolades: In 2015, Richard Liu launched JD into the U.S. market with a partnership with Walmart, Amazon, and Sam’s Club, which supported its online commerce platform in the United States and Canada, beginning to compete more directly with Amazon.

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Tips for Wellbeing, Work, and Productivity

We’ve all been there; you wake up, set off for work thinking “I’m going to be really productive today!”, sit at your desk…and the motivation to even so much as begin working simply isn’t there. Maybe it’s a big project that will require a lot of time and focus, or maybe it’s just reading a document to sign off, whatever the task, it happens to all of us.

Whether it’s just a one-off day here and there, or a little more regular throughout the week, there are a lot of different factors that can contribute towards demotivation and lack of productivity, but one of the most important factors that can be managed is…

Health and Wellbeing

When you’re not feeling great, physically or emotionally, work can seem daunting, and task lists can seemingly stretch out for miles ahead of you. Getting the motivation to start making a dent in your daily tasks becomes much more difficult, whether you are struggling through a cold, feeling a little blue, battling a headache, or stressed.

Take a Break

Keeping on top of your health and wellbeing is important, particularly in office or desk-based work. If you are working at the office, make sure to take regular breaks; stretch, walk around, get some fresh air, and give your eyes a break from the screen. Little things like this can give you a moment or two to refresh and reset, and help to avoid the build-up of stress, eye strain, and fatigue.


But what about working from home? Over the past couple of years, working from home has changed from an occasional nicety, to recommended, all the way up to mandatory. We all know that, while it’s much easier to work from home (no commute traffic to worry about, no managers hovering over your shoulder, the kettle is much closer etc), it’s also easier to fall into a laxer method of working. There’s a lot of distractions that can take your focus away from your work, and while this is good every now and again (as mentioned above), it’s important not to get too carried away. Try to limit your screentime while working; for example, changing out television for music to help keep focused on your workload.

…And Relax

Once you have finished work for the day, it is important to make time to relax and unwind, whether it’s through sports, exercise, hobbies etc. Spending your afternoons thinking and worrying about the next day’s work is going to make all of your free time seem like work, and everyone needs a break sometimes! Exercising, eating regular healthy meals and getting a good night’s sleep makes a huge difference with workload-related stress. With a busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to eat at the right times, or even get enough sleep on occasion, however taking steps forward to implement a healthier lifestyle is definitely a good direction to move in to improve productivity and mental focus while at work.

The Right Tools for the Job

Productivity and efficiency can only go as far as the tools you have available will allow; a carpenter can only do so much without a saw! The right tools, and with the right training, can make all the difference between hitting and missing a deadline.

Hardware and Software

While this might not come up very often, it is still a hugely important part in keeping workflow moving. Having the correct hardware and equipment for the task at hand will allow you to work much more streamlined and effectively. For example, running email reports, database editing and balance sheets on a mobile phone might be possible, however it is much faster, easier, and a lot more convenient to perform these tasks from a laptop or desktop computer. Graphic editing and design? Try a tablet and digital editing software. Accounting and payroll? Software such as Sage is hugely quicker, and much more streamlined than pen and paper. Get in touch with your manager or your tech team if you feel you haven’t got the tools to maximise your productivity.


Working at a cluttered desk isn’t the greatest way to start your day, especially if the space isn’t large enough to accommodate your day-to-day workload. Keep an eye on your available space, how comfortable your seating position is, your computer and/or monitor setup, and if there are any issues be sure to raise them with your manager. The sooner the problems are raised, the quicker a solution can be implemented, and being comfortable and having breathing room at your workstation can help to reduce stress and improve focus.

These starting points can give a good foothold to improving personal and office efficiency, and well-tailored implementation can help to boost productivity in times when it is needed most for the business. Stay safe!

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6 Amazing Deals NBN Providers Offer

The internet service providers are operating in a very competitive industry. A single unsatisfied customer may have a ripple effect in giving their competitors an edge over them. For this reason, internet service providers exert an effort to offer the best deals to their subscribers. This article lists down some of the most amazing deals that NBN providers offer.

Congestion Free Plan

One of the most amazing deals that NBN providers offer is a congestion-free plan. This means that you will be able to enjoy the advertised speed of your plan even during peak hours wherein several users are connected to the internet at the same time. For instance, if you are subscribed to an NBN 100 plan, then you should be able to enjoy a typical evening speed of 100Mbps.

Unlimited Data

Another amazing deal that NBN providers offer with their plans is unlimited data. This means that you no longer have to keep track of your bandwidth usage for fear of being charged with excess data usage. Some of the cheapest wireless internet plans even come with unlimited data. Just keep in mind that the provider can still slow your speed down when they observe extreme data usage on your part.

No-Contract Term

If you want the liberty to upgrade or downgrade a plan anytime you deem the need to, then you should go for a plan with a no-contract term. With these plans, you won’t have to settle any disconnection fees should you wish to switch providers. Just keep in mind that the price of these plans may be a bit more compared to plans with a fixed contract. Nevertheless, you will have the flexibility to leave anytime you wish which can be more economical in certain situations.

Discounted Price

Most NBN providers offer plans at a discounted monthly price for the first six months of your subscription. From there, the cost of the plan will revert to its original price. This will prove to be no problem in case you are subscribed to a plan with no contract term. You can just switch providers before the sixth month ends and enjoy another plan with a discounted price.

Free Modem

Some providers offer a free modem which is a pretty good deal particularly if you need to get a new one. However, the trade-off is that you may need to stay with the provider for a certain period. After this time frame, you will already get the modem for free. Nonetheless, you can always pay upfront to get a new modem.

Risk-Free Trial Period

Finally, some of the best NBN providers also offer a risk-free trial period which usually spans a couple of weeks. After this period, you can opt to sign up with them or switch providers without having to pay a single cent in case you are unhappy with the service.

The Bottomline

The deals listed above are only some of the ones that you can enjoy depending on the provider and plan that you go for. Some providers even allow their subscribers to customise their plans to suit their needs and preferences. Rest assured that the key is in ensuring that you look into the different factors that may affect your decision when it comes to choosing the best plan for you.

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How small businesses are being locked into long term bad value gas and electric contracts

Energy brokers around the UK have been using hidden business energy commissions to con businesses out of significant amounts of money

Businesses and organisations all over the UK are finding themselves trapped in bad-value business gas and business electricity deals, leaving them paying more than they should be for their energy.

According to energy regulator Ofgem, small businesses in particular are being conned out of upwards of £2 billion by rogue energy brokers. These brokers lock their customers into long-term bad value electricity and gas contracts that are hard to break.

Among the many organisations impacted by this are churches, charitable organisations and care homes, all of whom are paying far too much for their gas and electricity. As such, increasing numbers of organisations are making a mis sold business energy claim to try and reclaim the money that they’re owed from these unregulated brokers.

Unlike with residential or individual energy deals, business energy security is virtually non-existent. This is because business energy rollover contracts (and commercial energy deals in general) aren’t regulated by Ofgem in the way that domestic contracts are. Because of this, brokers can miscommunicate, withhold information and set fees without fear of consequence.

According to one claims management firm that is helping businesses to fight back against brokers, some organisations are owed pay outs of up to £1 million. No win, no fee specialists, Winn Solicitors, also highlights the severity of hidden business energy commission, helping clients claim rebates of between 10-20% of their energy costs through a mis sold business energy claim.

The extent of the damage from each mis sold energy contract is still being determined

Last year, Ofgem launched a call for evidence to determine just how far the damage of mis-selling in the energy market goes. The report says energy brokers consistently promise the best energy deals at no charge, but go on to offer poor-value deals picked because the suppliers offer the most lucrative terms for the brokers. This hidden business energy commission is costing small businesses significant amounts of money.

In fact, the report says that some brokers are claiming billions of pounds in hidden business energy commission due to inflated supply deals, many of which stretch over three to five years. In addition, many energy traders were found to be totally complicit, helping to hide the broker commission in their energy bills.

Under current regulations, even verbal agreements with brokers are binding for businesses. The number of brokers in the UK has risen dramatically to around 3,000, as outfits are cheap to set up and there are virtually no regulations in place.

The report from Ofgem includes case studies of unnamed companies that won significant sums for undisclosed commissions, including £10,000 for a care home, £8,200 for a charity and £3,200 for a church. One company with more than 200 UK sites was found to be owed £500,000 in hidden business energy commission through their mis sold business energy claim.

And experts fear that, without action, the misconduct of these energy brokers and suppliers has the potential to get worse, with business energy security become more and more jeopardised. The need for business energy claims has never been greater.

Legislation and regulations are needed as, without interference from the likes of Ofgem, brokers are unlikely to change their behaviour, and businesses will continue to suffer. A representative from Ofgem confirmed that a database is in works regarding the issue, and that these findings will be added. This will ultimately help micro-business consumers facing problems ensure that the market is meeting their needs.

In the meantime, a mis sold business energy claim is a must for any organisation that suspects it may have paid too much for its energy.

If you think that you may have been mis sold a business energy contract, get in touch with Winn Solicitors today by visiting

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How to Improve Sales with 5 Simple Tools

Sales can be one of the most challenging things to manage for any business. But not all sales are the same, so you can’t just apply one strategy to every type of sale.

However, by using a few simple tools, you can enter the world of sales in a productive and profitable manner. We have listed five simple tools you can use to improve your sales and increase profitability with respect to the buyer, their needs, or even their goals.

Best Tools to Improve Sales

#1. Hub spot

If you are looking for an effective sales-boosting tool for your business, Hubspot is an ideal tool. You may select any of the three different pixels solutions depending on your needs: HubSpot Sales Free, HubSpot Sales Professional, and HubSpot CRM.

You can begin with the Sales Free Version. It gives access to valuable features to boost your sales strategy, plus the live chat. Further, companies looking to know about their prospects can make use of the feature decision-maker.

Want to know how many users are getting engaged with your business. Analyze it using Hubspot and get a clear idea of what products and services your visitors are engaging with the most. Not only this, the sales tool has some fantastic features to help every member of your sales department differently. Can anything be better than that?

#2. ProPofs Chat

How wonderful it would be if software could help you know why a visitor is coming to your website. ProPofs Chat is that tool for you. It starts chatting at an appropriate time with the visitor.

This chat software helps your business gauge the visitor’s intention, start a conversation in real-time, and organize the selected leads appropriately. The tool is fast and helps you engage with visitors with eye-catchers and live chat triggers.

ProPofs is exceptional in storing the leads and adding them automatically to the CRM using an integration process. Then the sales department can use the insight to know how satisfied your visitors were and recognize the upsell technologies. 

#3. Nextiva

Voice calling is an integral part of business operations. All businesses use it to some extent, if not more. Using a VoIP service like Nextiva liberates you of the traditional PSTN and the associated hassles.

Nextiva is the best VoIP services provider for midsize businesses. This business phone service is a must-have tool in addition to all other tools on this list.

With it by your side, the sales team need not worry about extension phone calls. With a cloud business phone service, they can attend calls from anywhere using any device. This also eliminates the risk of missing important customer or client calls.

Interestingly, they also work well with other software. For example, many organizations use SalesForce. VoIP can be integrated into SalesForce. As a result, the salesman need not switch between software to look for customer information. When the call ends, Salesforce records the data, such as call details, automatically.

#4. Zoom

In these times, when face-to-face interviews have become obsolete and unsafe, you need a tool that is as effective as physical meetings. Zoom fulfills this criterion completely. In addition, there is no need to collaborate with the prospective client to watch the demonstration.

Zoom is a digital marketing sales tool for web conferencing and video hurdles. With 300k followers, you can trust the tool for all the remote communications with the team. And it is not only for sharing PowerPoint; the sales team, if selling software, can share the interface.

Another notable feature is recorded video instructions. You can use this to send all the information, such as your introduction, your organization, and how your product will be helpful for the prospective client. Take the downloaded video, send it to other clients, or customize it. The feature makes it easy to reach out to multiple clients in a short span and generate sales.

#5. LinkedIn Sales Solution

If you are eyeing the global market, then LinkedIn Sales is for you. The social media platform has more than 450 million users worldwide. So creating a buzz for your service or product to generate leads and sales is easy and quick.

The platform allows you to make connections far and wide and create sales opportunities in the digital marketing space. This is also where finding details about the prospects is easy and that too without spending too much time.

The app can prove helpful in knowing what products to push into the market and what services to continue. In addition, it has a sales tool Sales Navigator to help to make prospective sales. LinkedIn offers a full trial, leverage the opportunity if you haven’t used it before.

Other sales-related features include InMail to contact a LinkedIn member (read prospect client), get a customized lead recommendation, real-time sales updates for customers and prospects, and more.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for more opportunities for sales, these are some great tools to improve your chances and speed up delivery. Apply these simple practices that can help you increase sales by leaps and bounds!

If you have used any better tool, let us know!


4 Things That Fix False Belief of SARMs as Safe Steroid

SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulator is believed as a new supplement to build muscles and gain strength. People even say that this product is a steroid alternative that is safer than the anabolic steroid. Read the information below before using this product to support your workout.

The Overview of SARMs

Some people use SARMs because this product works by binding to the androgen receptors. It affects the DNA. The significant impact of using this product is that your muscle mass grows significantly more than before.
So, what is the difference between SARMs and anabolic steroids? The difference is in the way the compounds choose the tissues. Like the name, SARMs choose specific tissue without affecting other non-targeted tissues.
Users can consume SARMs orally, whereas anabolic steroid has to be injected through the skin. The problem is that SARMs are not for human use. James T Dalton as the founder of SARMs used this product for treating prostate cancer.

The next research found that this product also has a remarkable effect on muscle growth. It is the health side effect that makes the FDA doesn’t approve this product as a drug, food, or cosmetic.

The Cases Related to SARMs

Some people still use SARMs even after the FDA announces that it is not for human use. People love to use this product due to its effects on their muscles and stamina. That’s why SAMRs are popular among athletes.

The fans of the Florida Gators will know about Will Grier. He is a football quarterback on this team. In 2015, Grier was tested positive for Ligandrol, although the University of Florida denied it. In 2017, a Chicago Bulls player, Joakim Noah was also tested positive for Ligandrol.

The NBA took this case very seriously. As a result, Noah was banned for twenty games by the NBA. The case has also happened in Mixed Martial Art. Sean O’Malley, an MMA artist who competes in the Bantamweight division was also tested positive for Enobosarm.

Due to this case, the Nevada State Athletic Commission decided to temporarily suspend him. As a result, O’Malley failed to fight against Marlon Vera at UFC 239 in Las Vegas in July 2019. A tennis player, Beatriz Haddad Maia from Brazil got the same case.

In July 2019, she was tested positive for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Like other athletes involved in this case, Maia was also suspended. Shayma Jack was another athlete who also got this drug case. This Australian swimmer was tested positive for Ligandrol.As a result, he had to withdraw from the national squad and failed to join the World Championships in Gwangju, South Korea in July 2019. The cases above show that SARMs are not allowed for human use even for athletes.

The Effects of SARMs

People believe that SARMs can selectively target the androgen receptor in different tissues. The truth is that this product is still producing androgenic effects in tissues. Most people who use SARMs or steroids often suffer from the prostate gland.

Remember! This product is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The agency explains that SARMs can lead to serious health problems, especially liver toxicity, heart attacks, and strokes. The long-term effects of using SARMs are unknown yet.
The thing to consider is that you don’t know what you are putting in the body. Even if some researchers use this product in humans, the status is still on trial and under investigation.

The Possibility to Find SARMs Out There

Indeed, you can find some stores that offer SARMs for sale. The stores are allowed to sell this product as long as they inform that SARMs are not for human use. Melanotan Express is one of the online stores that offer SARMs.

This store even sells a variety of SARMs. The store offers the products for laboratory research only and not for human use. Buyers can read this information on the label on the bottle. It means that the store is not responsible if buyers use this product for humans.This store offers Anaztrozole, Avanafil, Clomiphene, Clenbuterol, Dapoxetine, Finasteride, and many more. All of them are in the form of a 300 ml bottle. The dosage varies, such as 0.5mg/ml, 5mg/ml, 25mg/ml, 10mg/ml, and others.

You can read the description on the label. The points in the description are including the unit size per ml, molecular weight, molecular formula, the color of the liquid, the physical form, and the way to store the product. This store is offering SARMs from the best SARM company. The company produces this product with a high standard for accurate laboratory research only.

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The Best Packaging Options For Your Cosmetic Lotions and Creams

In today’s world, there are countless of packaging materials to choose from for your cosmetics. But how do you know whether you’re using the right bottle or jar for your lotions or creams? The truth is, there are so many different materials, styles, and packaging techniques on the market, which makes it difficult to make a decision on which one to use.

When you’re choosing a packaging for your cosmetics, there are several things you have to keep in mind. For instance, are you using the packaging to store liquid lotions and thus need a bottle? And, if so, does your bottle require a pump, spray, or dropper cap? Or are you looking for a packaging for your cream and thus need a container instead? It is furthermore very important to consider what material you wish to use for your packaging. Are you using your packaging for sensitive products that needs to be stored in a food-safe manner? Are your products sensitive to external light? Do you require vacuum packaging and should you consider an airless bottle? Do you require a corrosion resistant packaging? And what about the sustainability of your cosmetic bottles or jars? These are just a handful of questions you need to ask yourself before you’re able to select the right packaging for your product.

Throughout this sort article, we will have a quick look at the different type of cosmetic jars and cosmetic bottles on the market. While doing so, we will mainly focus on the different materials used to create these packagings. For each type of material, we will briefly cover its main benefits and disadvantages. This will hopefully help you select the right packaging for your cosmetic goods.

Aluminum Packaging

Aluminum tin containers and aluminum bottles are becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetics industry. The main reason why aluminum packaging is becoming more and more popular are its environmental benefits. When we look at the sustainability of different packaging materials, aluminum is, by far, the cleanest option available. Aluminum packaging is 100% natural and furthermore fully recyclable. In fact, aluminum has the highest recyclability rate of any type of packaging material available. Besides, it’s extremely light in weight which makes it cheap and easy to ship compared to other, heavier, packaging materials such as glass.

Besides its environmental benefits, aluminum also brings along the added benefit of being food-safe. Aluminum is a material that can be used safely for the storage of sensitive products such as cosmetics but also for foods and medicine. Because it is a natural material, aluminum packaging also does not include any chemicals such as BPA. Besides, aluminum is fully corrosion resistant, giving it an advantage over traditional tin packaging. Aluminum packaging furthermore features a sleek and premium appearance thanks to its metal finish. That being said, it is a relatively affordable packaging material, which makes it attractive to both large and small companies alike. If you’re looking for a safe, affordable, and sustainable packaging material; you can’t go wrong with aluminum.

Glass packaging.

Glass bottles and jars have always been a classic packaging for cosmetics, foods, and a whole lot of other products. Unlike aluminum, glass packaging has been around for ages. And given the benefits of this material, it’s no surprise that it has been around for so long.

Just like aluminum, glass is a 100% natural material. Both glass jars and bottles are considered to be a sustainable packaging material that is free from chemicals such as BPA. Glass is furthermore fully recyclable, however, it has to be kept in mind that many glass packagings come with a plastic lid. As a result, not the entire packaging will be sustainable. There are, however, some alternatives for glass jars that can be supplied with an aluminum lid instead. Besides being free from chemicals and recyclable, glass packaging is furthermore completely food-safe. It is safe to store your cosmetics into a glass bottle or jar without having to worry about the packaging affecting the quality of your goods. Glass furthermore brings along the added benefit of being UV-resistant, making it perfect for light-sensitive lotions or creams.

The disadvantage of glass packaging, on the other hand, is that it’s relatively expensive. Compared to plastic and aluminum packaging, glass certainly is pricy. Besides, glass is furthermore heavy which results in higher shipping costs. Also, because of it’s weight, shipping glass is far less environmentally friendly compared to shipping light weight aluminum. It has to be kept in mind that glass is a fragile material that can easily break.

Plastic Packaging

When we look around us in the market, plastic packaging is everywhere. Although plastic packaging is becoming more and more criticized due to its negative impact on the environment, it still is today one of the most popular packaging materials. So, why is that?

Simply put, plastic brings along a number of benefits. Plastic is extremely cheap to produce, easy to mould in different shapes,  and very durable. All-in-all, it has all the requirements that companies require for their packaging. That being said, plastic packaging does bring along some disadvantages.

Plastic is not a natural material and producing plastic is quite a chemical process. As such, plastic packagings are often full of (sometimes) harmful chemicals. In some cases, these harmful chemicals may leach out of the packaging and into the product stored inside – affecting its quality. One of the most famous chemicals is BPA. Therefore, if you do choose to go for plastic packaging, it’s highly recommended to pick a plastic that is BPA-free and food-safe.

Besides the health concerns, one of the main disadvantages of plastic is the impact it has on the environment. Plastic is hard to recycle and thus leaves a large impact on our nature. This is one of the main reasons why more and more companies choose to move to aluminum or glass packaging instead.

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Make Conversions with Google Ads

Paid media is one of the most effective and efficient ways to market online – it’s fast, delivers great results, and can be customized to fit a specific audience. One of the principal platforms for paid media is Google Ads, Google’s comprehensive and diverse network of advertising opportunities.

Google Ads comprise a host of different advertising solutions, each with its own unique benefits and functionalities. It is not a matter of one being better than another; rather, marketers should look at which Google Ads service best fits their marketing objectives.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Ads and the different offering the service has, we’ve got you covered.

Search Engine Marketing

Google Search Ads, a form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is one of the primary Google Ads services and was previously known as Google Adwords. With SEM, you can ensure that your website and ads appear atop Google’s first page of search results.

Google Search Ads appear like a general search result to the user. Most consumers show disdain for ads and prefer to avoid or ignore them, but with Search Ads, the advertisement feels natural and is undetectable on first glance.

Considering that most users don’t click past the first page of search results, appearing at the top is the prime position. Businesses in highly competitive industries that are reliant on search engines should consider this method of paid media.

Display Ads

Display Ads are a form of Google Ads that appear on 3rd party websites and which look like your traditional digital advertisement. It is likely you have encountered these ads before while you scroll the internet.

Display Ads are visual and are designed to catch the attention of users and deliver quick information about a brand, product, or promotion. Considering that most internet users will avoid ads altogether, you will want to make sure that your ads are not obnoxious!

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are a preferred method of advertising products on Google. Taking a page from ecommerce sites, Shopping Ads are made to look like listings on an ecommerce site. Brands can list their product photos, prices, and product features much like you would see on a site like Amazon.

Since Google is not an ecommerce site, Shopping Ads will link a user to your website to complete a purchase. This is great for gaining customer data to be used for targeting or remarketing campaigns.

Track Your Ads

Like most Google products, Google Ads is intuitive to use and easy to learn. Their comprehensive system gives users full control over what their ad looks like and where their ad goes.

It also has a designated analytics section where marketers can track their campaigns and evaluate their return on investment. From the data provided, marketers can additionally draw conclusions on how they want to tweak their campaigns for better results.

Marketing Social Media

Invest in Social Media Marketing in Malaysia

If the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed any positives, it’s that the world can adapt to a digital economy if needed. Some countries were able to adapt more quickly than others because they had started the process of shifting towards digitization much earlier. In contrast, other countries, like Malaysia, struggled since their existing economy is steeped in traditional roots. As Malaysian businesses have grown after adapting and transforming their models to be more online, so too has social media marketing in Malaysia grown to drive sales to these newly digitized businesses.

Social media marketing in Malaysia has skyrocketed because more and more businesses are joining the digital sphere. A local restaurant or mom & pop shop that previously succeeded purely with walk-in customers needed to start selling online to survive. But, with a competitive market all moving digitally at once, business owners needed to find a way to effectively advertise their business.

Social Media as Business Tool

Malaysians are not new to social media. Applications like Facebook and WhatsApp dominate the market as the primary communication and socialization tools. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find an urban Malaysian who isn’t on social media. That said, the realm of social media marketing in Malaysia is relatively new to some.

Social media is a fruitful business tool that helps connect brands to current and potential customers. Because social media is so prevalent for entertainment, marketers have grabbed the opportunity to reach incredible audiences that they otherwise wouldn’t have the ability to reach.
Aside from those benefits, social media marketing in Malaysia is extremely cost-effective. Brands or businesses can create official profiles for free and begin marketing to their customers immediately. They can post on their pages or 3rd party pages free of charge or choose to spend money on ads. The beauty of social media advertising is that businesses have full control of how much they wish to spend.

The opportunities for businesses in Malaysia to grow by using social media marketing is tremendous.

Choose the Platform That Fits Your Business

Facebook and WhatsApp are just two pieces of a much larger social media puzzle that includes such platforms as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and more. Each of these platforms differentiates themselves from each other from the user’s perspective, which in turn creates opportunities for advertisers.

For example, Instagram is a platform for sharing photos and short videos, whereas Twitter is for microblogging. Advertisers who want to share photo ads should choose to advertise on Instagram over Twitter because that type of ad best suits Instagram.

All of this is to say that marketers choose to advertise on platforms that fit their marketing strengths and that are used by their target audience. This is an important step for social media marketing in Malaysia, and in some cases, may require working with a digital marketing agency to achieve the best results.