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Make Conversions with Google Ads

Paid media is one of the most effective and efficient ways to market online – it’s fast, delivers great results, and can be customized to fit a specific audience. One of the principal platforms for paid media is Google Ads, Google’s comprehensive and diverse network of advertising opportunities.

Google Ads comprise a host of different advertising solutions, each with its own unique benefits and functionalities. It is not a matter of one being better than another; rather, marketers should look at which Google Ads service best fits their marketing objectives.

If you are interested in learning more about Google Ads and the different offering the service has, we’ve got you covered.

Search Engine Marketing

Google Search Ads, a form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is one of the primary Google Ads services and was previously known as Google Adwords. With SEM, you can ensure that your website and ads appear atop Google’s first page of search results.

Google Search Ads appear like a general search result to the user. Most consumers show disdain for ads and prefer to avoid or ignore them, but with Search Ads, the advertisement feels natural and is undetectable on first glance.

Considering that most users don’t click past the first page of search results, appearing at the top is the prime position. Businesses in highly competitive industries that are reliant on search engines should consider this method of paid media.

Display Ads

Display Ads are a form of Google Ads that appear on 3rd party websites and which look like your traditional digital advertisement. It is likely you have encountered these ads before while you scroll the internet.

Display Ads are visual and are designed to catch the attention of users and deliver quick information about a brand, product, or promotion. Considering that most internet users will avoid ads altogether, you will want to make sure that your ads are not obnoxious!

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads are a preferred method of advertising products on Google. Taking a page from ecommerce sites, Shopping Ads are made to look like listings on an ecommerce site. Brands can list their product photos, prices, and product features much like you would see on a site like Amazon.

Since Google is not an ecommerce site, Shopping Ads will link a user to your website to complete a purchase. This is great for gaining customer data to be used for targeting or remarketing campaigns.

Track Your Ads

Like most Google products, Google Ads is intuitive to use and easy to learn. Their comprehensive system gives users full control over what their ad looks like and where their ad goes.

It also has a designated analytics section where marketers can track their campaigns and evaluate their return on investment. From the data provided, marketers can additionally draw conclusions on how they want to tweak their campaigns for better results.

Marketing Social Media

Invest in Social Media Marketing in Malaysia

If the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed any positives, it’s that the world can adapt to a digital economy if needed. Some countries were able to adapt more quickly than others because they had started the process of shifting towards digitization much earlier. In contrast, other countries, like Malaysia, struggled since their existing economy is steeped in traditional roots. As Malaysian businesses have grown after adapting and transforming their models to be more online, so too has social media marketing in Malaysia grown to drive sales to these newly digitized businesses.

Social media marketing in Malaysia has skyrocketed because more and more businesses are joining the digital sphere. A local restaurant or mom & pop shop that previously succeeded purely with walk-in customers needed to start selling online to survive. But, with a competitive market all moving digitally at once, business owners needed to find a way to effectively advertise their business.

Social Media as Business Tool

Malaysians are not new to social media. Applications like Facebook and WhatsApp dominate the market as the primary communication and socialization tools. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find an urban Malaysian who isn’t on social media. That said, the realm of social media marketing in Malaysia is relatively new to some.

Social media is a fruitful business tool that helps connect brands to current and potential customers. Because social media is so prevalent for entertainment, marketers have grabbed the opportunity to reach incredible audiences that they otherwise wouldn’t have the ability to reach.
Aside from those benefits, social media marketing in Malaysia is extremely cost-effective. Brands or businesses can create official profiles for free and begin marketing to their customers immediately. They can post on their pages or 3rd party pages free of charge or choose to spend money on ads. The beauty of social media advertising is that businesses have full control of how much they wish to spend.

The opportunities for businesses in Malaysia to grow by using social media marketing is tremendous.

Choose the Platform That Fits Your Business

Facebook and WhatsApp are just two pieces of a much larger social media puzzle that includes such platforms as TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and more. Each of these platforms differentiates themselves from each other from the user’s perspective, which in turn creates opportunities for advertisers.

For example, Instagram is a platform for sharing photos and short videos, whereas Twitter is for microblogging. Advertisers who want to share photo ads should choose to advertise on Instagram over Twitter because that type of ad best suits Instagram.

All of this is to say that marketers choose to advertise on platforms that fit their marketing strengths and that are used by their target audience. This is an important step for social media marketing in Malaysia, and in some cases, may require working with a digital marketing agency to achieve the best results.