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HBO Max’s Optimism in Still Having a Good Partnership with Roku after the App Deletion from the Device

WarnerMedia launched HBO Max at the end of May. Around 6 weeks later, there are still shows from HBO Max on the Roku device. But then, the problem starts to show. Only a few weeks after that, the app disappeared from the gadget. Then, it is known that the problem is not only in your streaming service but also the managerial of both companies. Well, it is although the executive producer of HBO Max tries to make the customers sure that both parties will find a solution to bring back HBO Max to Roku. 

In an interview, the vice executive president of HBO Max, Andy Forsell, said directly to the customers of WarnerMedia that they will solve it. Forsell added that he cannot predict as well as cannot fasten the agreement. Something which is very important to believe is that Roku is a good partner for HBO. He stated that his side will always conduct good business with them. Additionally, Forsell also mentions the importance of making a way to still have a good partnership with Roku for the sake of customers’ satisfaction.

The effort to solve the problem has a reason. Streaming is demanded a lot by customers and their interests in this kind of entertainment are increased rapidly during the pandemic. It makes TV and companies related to it must think more deeply to attract the customers’ attention more. Sure, there are people who still watch TV and prefer doing it. However, it cannot change the fact that streaming services are currently more popular and likable. 

HBO that is previously known as one of the TV stations starts to develop its influence on the streaming service. Well, it is successful although its name may not still be as big as Netflix and others. Many shows with high-quality are made and presented to get more profits from customers in this way. Sure, HBO cannot work by itself. It needs partners to make their services are watched and streamed more and more by customers. One of the most strategic partners is Roku, for sure.

Unfortunately, there is a fact that may make the effort of HBO seem useless. The newest app by HBO cannot be supported well by Roku. And here is the problem starting. Both parties negotiate to solve this problem. But even HBO looks really sure that there will be a solution, it has not been known yet, what kind of solution it is.

Big Movies in HBO Max

Despite the problem they must face related to the cooperation with Roku, HBO Max has announced that most of the new films of Warner Bros will debut in HBO Max. They include Wonder Women 1984, Matrix, and Dune. Interestingly, there is no additional cost to enjoy those movies if you are watching them on the same day those movies are launched in theatres. 

Is the launch of some popular movie also an attempt to keep HBO Max surviving? Although it is not likely the problem is getting worse for HBO Max without Roku, it can be said that the launch of movies is some effort to attract customers. Maybe, it is also a way made by HBO Max to let Roku conduct better business cooperation with it in the future.

Roku Rejects to Comment

While HBO Max seems to be spiritual to comment regarding its relationship with the streaming device, on the other hand, the representative of Roku refuses to comment. Sure, it causes many assumptions that the partnership between both may not be as good as how it looks like. Well, although the perception must be denied by HBO Max.

Furthermore, some new streaming services from HBO Max and NBC Universal, Peacock were launched without any app from Roku as well as Amazon’s Fire TV. This way, the device development combines support from patchworks. Indeed, HBO Max still has a deal with devices from Amazon’s Fire. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the app is still missing from Roku. This is what makes customers seem to worry and disappoint.

For customers of both platforms; HBO Max and Roku, they may wait for the newer deal to be made by them although it has not been known yet when it will be. At least, there is another new deal from Peacock and Roku in September to support the Peacock app on the device. So, it can be a good alternative for customers who want to enjoy the streaming service from HBO in Roku although it is indeed not HBO Max.

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