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Supernova Stars Impacts

There is research from Michigan State University that exploding stars will create faster life-giving carbon atoms. It is faster than what they think first. The discovery brings the scientists to reveal the mystery they leave, related to the elements creation theories, and also new science in fusion and astronomy areas.

Carbon is one of the main elements of Earth. It explodes Supernova stars by creating the triple alphas fusion reaction. The “alpha” means a helium atom core that is created from two neutrons and two protons. When the three elements are fused, you will have carbons that consist of six electrons, six neutrons, and also six protons.

The reaction of the fusion is not that efficient, but there will be something that will help it. The researchers use supercomputer models to see the excess protons in its innermost become a supernova can trigger a triple alphas fusion reaction. The strength is 10 times stronger than the general carbon atoms we have.

This results in the number of carbon in the universe. Yet, for researchers, it leads to another question. They previously think that excess protons were used to create certain heavier molybdenum and ruthenium isotopes that are found on Earth. These elements cannot be created in other places, unless through Supernova, as an MSU professor said.

If it’s not the Supernova stars, the isotopes are then generated from other ways, but they don’t know how yet. They have alternatives, but it’s not easy to come up with one of them and destroy their theories. Thus, this might be the birth of new science.

Supernova Stars Facts

Some stars are not fading, they’re burnt. It ends their evolutions through Supernova, a massive cosmic explosion. When Supernova stars explode, the debris will get into space for around 25,000 miles per second. The blasts are not only produced carbons, but also some other materials like iron that is the component to make us and our planet. And for heavy elements, they are only made in Supernova. Thus, we carry those special elements that can only be produced through the stars’ explosion, in our bodies.

When stars explode, they produce clouds of gas and dust to space, and then to interstellar diversity. In further, the clouds create a shock wave that will compress the clouds of gas to form new stars. Yet, not all stars are formed into Supernova stars. Some are cold and end their lives as black dwarfs or white dwarfs.

Yet, some stars are even larger than the sun. And these kinds of stars will create a Supernova star when the fusion process in the core runs out of their fuel. Fusion will create pressure, and when it slows down, the core of the star will start to condense under the gravity. It will then be hotter and denser.

Impacts of Supernova

When Supernova stars happen, there will be several impacts in space, and also on Earth, if it happens near Earth. It gives us obvious effects on the Earth’s biosphere. Yet, it depends on the energy and type of Supernova you have. Yet, it is interesting that the Supernova explosion can be 3000 light-years away. The Supernova signature was seen on Earth in 1996, in metal isotope form signature. Another finding was reported in the Pacific Ocean.

Supernovae can be dangerous if they explode close to the Earth, it is called Type Ia Supernovae.

This type of Supernova arises from the white dwarf star and can affect the Earth, and the effect on both the star system and the Earth isn’t well studied. The closest star that can be the candidate of Supernova stars is IK Pegasi. And the researchers estimate that there will be Supernova Type II happening if it’s 26 light-years away from the Earth. It can result in the loss of the Earth’s ozone layer. And fortunately, the closest candidate is even more than 500 light-years.

Another impact of the explosion of Supernova stars is gravitational waves. Yet, so far, there is no report about the gravitational waves caused by the Supernova. The only waves that Earth experiences is from the fusion of neutron stars and black holes. Cosmic rays is another impact. Yet, the production of cosmic rays caused by space events was found only in a small number. From the Supernova W44 and IC 443 remnants, gamma rays are detected. The rays exist when the SNR accelerates protons that create effects on interstellar material.

For notes, it is speculative when we talk about the closest candidates to be the next Supernova. Further research to have an exact timescale and mechanism are needed.

Gaming Technology

The Elder Scrolls Online Release

The Elder Scrolls Online was recently released by Bethesda through the Markarth DLC Game Pack. This lets their users use to play this game online until this year. Bethesda ANZ chooses Twitter to promote their release of the game pack. On this platform, users are allowed to choose their own adventure-type story. The first thing to do is choosing snowy hills, roads, or woods, and from this place you can have several branching types to choose like whether you’re fighting, making friends, or many more.

If you’re Skyrim players, you will remind yourself that Markarth is a city with a waterfall, a place where Forsworn murder happened. They have a storyline called the “Dark Heart of Skyrim” which becomes part of the game pack. This also is included in the game’s recent expansions.

A user tried to play this game, he died several times right before he made it to the end of the game. Users or players in New Zealand and Australia even can screencap their game, and submit it. The Elder Scrolls Online provides prize packs for the winner. And during the promotion, players can try to play ESO games and try its full game for free. While if you would like to pay the full standard edition, it is now discounted up to 60%.


This game is a multiplayer online role-playing game that was published by Bethesda Softworks and was developed by ZeniMax Online Studios. The Elder Scrolls Online was launched in 2014 and they launched for OS X and Windows, while for Xbox Series X or S and PlayStation 5 are planned.

The game takes place in a continent called Tamriel. And the story you have in this game will be connected to the Elder Scrolls franchise’s other games to create a storyline. This feature had been developed for around seven years, and after that, it was then released in 2014.

With the release of their rebranding and re-release of the series, they receive mixed reviews from players. The improvement lies in their Tamriel Unlimited which some critics praise what they have changed. To have this game, you need to buy for its monthly subscription, but in 2015 they changed the subscription system by having an optional subscription and also a buy-to-play feature with microtransactions.

In June 2015, they released the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles and changed their name to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. The game is successful, it has around 2.5 million active users with 16 million copies sold by this year 2020.

Free to Play

To welcome the QuakeCon event, Bethesda makes the Elder Scrolls Online completely free to play. Whatever the platforms you have, users can now download the game with ease. They also are able to play it without having to purchase it or paying the subscription fee. Yet, be hurry to enjoy the excitement.

When Bethesda shares the promotion to the users, QuakeCon will conduct a live streaming event to share their next projects. To give rewards and to celebrate the events, the studio offers the game free until the end of the events. Thus, users can access the full game free until August 29 for PS 4 players and August 19 for Xbox One and PC players.

At this time, users will be allowed to have the Morrowind expansion and also the whole base game.  

They start the game with a series called the Dark Heart of Skyrim battle. And to begin it, players will get 500 crowns as rewards, also premium currency. Users can use the rewards to purchase cosmetic items.

During the promo, the game offers you a discount of 50%. The game includes the Morrowind expansion and the base game, while if you’re looking for the Greymoor standard, it offers discounts of 35%. All of the editions include the Elsweysr and the Summerset chapters, as long as the aforementioned packs.

Its Release

This game was firstly launched in 2012, along with the issue of their magazine. And for Mac and Windows users, the game was announced in 2024. A year later, the Elder Scrolls Online was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users, and the last was in 2020 when the game ported over to Stadia.

Several problems occurred on the first release. Some users said that they cannot activate the features though they already pay for the full month. The investigation was conducted, and they found out that there was a duplication exploit that keys users to increase big fortunes. These accounts were then banned. Other releases for this series are Tamriel Unlimited and also the Gold Edition.

Business News

Shoppers find home in scented candles, home scent this holiday season

Welcoming the holiday season, people hunt various gifts at shops. On the other hand, cologne and perfume are quite trendy for holiday gifts. In 2020, however, the beauty industry gets an additional boost from various kinds of scents: home aroma.

How could that happen? Shoppers buy tons of smelling-good things such as candles, diffusers, and other scented pieces since they find comfort in smaller luxuries during the virus pandemic, as said by Larissa Jensen, the advisor of president and beauty industry for the NPD Group.

According to a report, the home scent is a prominent player all year. This very makes sense since people are homebound more than ever, said Jensen.

This is such an interesting thing since people tend to skip lipstick and eyeshadow, considering physical distancing and wearing a mask are two important things nowadays – the fragrance industry has found its rare bright spot, which can turn into a lovely collaboration of beauty and fragrance industries. 

Data suggested that fragrance sales drop up to 17 percent from January to September without any sign of an increase in both beauty retailers and department stores. On the other hand, home fragrance sales climb up to 13 percent. Meanwhile, gift sets with home scents in them, such as lotion and candle in a hamper, rise to 22 percent, as reported by the NPD Group. The ups and downs of those different industries took place during the same period.

Jensen also stated that fragrance is always considered as a little engine that helps in many ways. Even though the drop can be surprising, its recovery is even more remarkable.

Even though the sales of fragrance were declining a little, it rebounds somewhat faster than other categories in the beauty section. The fragrance section that includes candles to perfumes gained a lot during the global crisis, even after a little drop during six months in a row. While makeup sales declined by 31 percent in the third quarter from time to time, the fragrance section grows stronger by a one percent rise in sales during the last three months. 

An interesting fact suggested that fragrance gift sets are not just as a piece to give to loved ones or friends. Shoppers love the packages even before seeing what’s inside – packages are a better deal. Consumers take that as a value now, especially if they should lose a job and couldn’t make income during the virus pandemic.

Even Jensen also contributed to the trend of home scents. She has tons of candles and burns them day and night. She believed that burning home scents make the house feel cozier and brighter. People need to escape while the year didn’t allow anyone to do so. Thus, using a home scent is an excellent way to escape without going out of the house.

Ulta Beauty brand reported its result for the third quarter. The company showed that the graphic of bath and fragrance sales were on top of the game, even with double-digit growth. Nonetheless, other categories didn’t perform as well as the previous categories. On the other hand, sales at stores open and online during the last 14 months as well as the quarter faced the downhill nearly 9 percent throughout the year.

Meanwhile, the shares of Ulta Beauty on Friday closed by 3.45 percent, crawling down its value. Still, the company’s shares stick up to 10 percent throughout the year.

The L Brands that owns Bath & Body Works has enjoyed a bounce from fragrance. The CEO, Andrew Meslow, said that the fragrance trend has been accentuated during the timeframe of the virus pandemic, as he quoted in an investor conference. Other than buying hand sanitizers and more soaps, shoppers love to personalize their houses since they have to stay at home more than ever. When you are at home for too long, you may not feel at home anymore. Thus, the presence of home scents is such a personal trend. The best part is that people use fragrance for houses, schools, or even offices.

Jensen of NPD also reported that customers are willing to spend more money on retailers’ websites to purchase colognes and perfumes in the past few months. The most preferred smells include something with lots of fragrance oils but lasts longer, even though those kinds cost more. Jensen believes that shoppers love purchasing scents because they have a close relationship to emotions, since everybody may have a different perspective about it. On the other hand, scents bring back memories. Shoppers probably buy more fragrances to remember how nice the time was before the virus pandemic.

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LG Electronics Smartphone Products

In a press release on Monday, LG Electronics declare that they reorganized their mobile phone division to increase their outsourcing division. This reorganization is done for low to mid-end smartphones that they produce. The aim of this action is of course to compete with their Chinese rivals, and also to cut costs.

LG Electronics Give Up the Manufacture

Their communication business reported several shocking news, that they experienced operating loss for 22 consecutive quarters. This results in the making of new management called ODM or original design manufacture, as delivered by their spokeswoman.

This means, the LG products will handle the manufacture and the design of the smartphones, while LG Electronics will only just put their label on each product. And it is not only the manufacturer, they also reshuffle their production position and its research positions. The spokeswoman says these positions were reshuffled to others’ division. The goal for having more simple management is to focus on their production of high-end smartphones and in-house R and D. While the low-end and mid-end smartphones will be handled by the ODM.

LG might not be number one in the smartphone market globally, they are ranked as number 3 in the global market by Strategy Analytics in the first quarter of 2013. They used to be included in the top seven smartphone brands, but in 2014 they lost from Chinese smartphone companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, and also Oppo.

LG Electronics competes with Chinese competitors, they’re not competing with Samsung or Apple. That is why they try to add more value to their lower-end smartphone models. The analyst at Counterpoint also said that LG tries to use the Chinese firms’ original design manufacturers to compete with the Chinese companies.

He also added that marketing ability is needed to compete with the Chinese firms, and though LG Electronics source their own products, without marketing, they won’t make it. LG also said last year, in October that they will expand their ODM to produce more mid-range smartphones from the lower-end smartphone.

The History of LG Electronics

This South Korean multinational electronics firm is based in Seoul, South Korea. The global sale of this company in 2014 reached US$55.91 billion, which makes it one of the fourth-largest corporations in South Korea. LG Electronics run four different business units, includes Mobile Communications, Home Entertainment, Vehicle Components, as well as Air Solutions, and Home Appliances.

This company employs more than 80,000 people with 128 operations worldwide and is known as the world’s second-largest company that manufactures LCD television.

In 2018, LG started to stop their smartphone production in South Korea. They then moved the production to Vietnam to cut costs and to be able to compete with other smartphone manufacturers. The employees will be relocated to the home appliances business site, while the whole laborers who work for their company will be fully from Vietnam.

Their Products

LG hopes that they can offer maximum solutions and understands their customers well. It is hoped they can help their buyers have better lives with their ceaseless innovation. LG gives new experiences with their products so that the customers achieve a better life. Their slogan also changes several times to meet the modern era. LG says “Life’s Good” and they also believe in “Innovation for a Better Life”.

LG Electronics also helps business owners by providing several services, like Commercial Display for business owners to have stunning digital signage both for outdoor band indoor displays. They also provide IT solutions that bring you various cloud computing and computer monitors service that will increase productivity, security, and daily operations.

Solar panels for residential or business from LG offer reliability, high performance, as well as consistently with more than 20 years of warranty.

LG also provides you residential and commercial air conditioning systems and the residential design industry.

One of the business units in LG is its mobile devices, which includes tablet devices and smartphones. LG released several series of smartphones and one of them is LG G Flex, a curved smartphone in 2013, and the announced in Europe, Asia, and also North America. Their latest smartphone is the G7 ThinQ series that was announced in a media briefing in 2018. This manufacturer also released their tablet computers with several competitive features like LG’s Knock Code that allows you to unlock your device with taps, or the Q Pair feature that will let you sync the table with smartphones. Text messages and phone calls even come up in real-time on your tablet.

And like other smartphone manufacturers, LG Electronics also has its own SmartWatch that was announced in 2014. Their smartwatch brings an Android-based system that became the first smartwatch that had a newer feature like WiFi.

Business News

A New Additional Tax is Regulated Only for Millionaires in Argentina

Argentina has passed a regulation about a new tax for the richest people. The additional tax is proposed to pay medical supplies and aid in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic. The regulation itself was passed by senators only in a process with a total of 42 voters while 26 others rejected it. Currently, the tax is namely the millionaire’s tax.

With the tax, those people with assets valued more than 200 million pesos or around USD 2.5 million must pay it. Currently, the number of millionaires that is estimated with that number of assets is around 12,000 people. 

Bad Effects of Pandemic in Argentina

Based on the latest report, Argentina has about 1.5 million cases of Coronavirus infection. Meanwhile, the number of deaths is almost 40,000 cases. It is really not a good thing. Even the country has been on the fifth rank of countries in the world that report a million cases to confirm in October. Ironically, the population of the country itself is only 45 million people, making Argentina the smallest country to surpass the number.

It makes the government must be concerned about the situation even more. After doing many attempts to press the cases, one of the solutions is improving the treatment quality of the patients. Sure, quality improvement seems to possibly happen if there are not enough budgets to cover.

It is also getting worse after the government enacts total isolations and lockdowns that cause the economic condition of the country is getting pressed. The number of unemployment as well as poverty is significantly increased. Additionally, the government’s loan is raised. Ironically, even before the pandemic, Argentina indeed has some monetary problems. The country has passed through an economic recession since 2018.

“Quareternal” in Argentina

In the country itself, currently, there is a term “Quareternal” or the eternal quarantine. Sure, this term is a joke to describe the condition of Argentineans during the pandemic. Yes, the lockdown regulation is really tight. As information, Argentina is the second country with the longest lockdown duration for more than 5 months.

But the joke turns into sadness after the lockdown done from March affects their conditions economically, socially, and psychologically. The metropolitan area of Buenos Aires is a place where 40% of the population is living in. At the same time, the area is the heart of the economy of the country. Sadly, this is also the place with the most severe cases of the virus. So, there is no other choice except to totally close the location.

There are some rules related to lockdown in Argentina. People, particularly in the metropolitan area of Argentina can only go outside to buy foods and basic needs and to access the closest public services. Sure, it means that other things outside the matters above are forbidden including recreations and entertainment.

Furthermore, public transportation services are available only for essential workers or those people with special permission. Others who drive cars without permissions will lose their driving licenses. Outdoor sports and exercises are completely stopped. Fortunately, starting in June, they are starting to allow although only in particular hours.

The age group that is prone to virus transmission in Argentina is kids. For this matter also, kids are not allowed to go outside. In some cases, it is okay for them to accompany their parents to buy basic needs. Beyond that, they must stay at home without exceptions. 

The Allocations of Fund from the New Tax

Those situations lead the government to make a new regulation related to the tax. Focusing on the rich people to pay more tax is considered the best solution as well as it is a fair thing for all. Those millionaires must pay progressive rates up to 3.5% for the wealth in Argentina and up to 5.25 % for the wealth abroad. The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez expects to collect up to 300 million pesos from the tax.

However, not all people agree with the new tax regulation. The opposition group worries that the tax will cause trust damages for the investors. Besides, it is possible also that the tax will no longer run in the future. It is only done once after it is regulated. 

The AFP News Agency reports that from the money collected, about 20% will be used for medical supplies, 20% is for small and medium enterprises assistance, 20% is for students’ scholarships, and the rest of 25% is for natural gas ventures. It is not known yet whether the new regulation will be successful or not. However, the government is confident enough that it will give positive effects on the Argentineans during the pandemic.

Gaming News Technology

The Mystery of the High Cost of PS 5 and Other Game Consoles in the Market

PlayStation’s fans seem to have a dream to buy PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the price of the PlayStation 5 is expensive. The increase in the price is for both the digital and disc versions. So, how much is the price of PlayStation 5 in the retail and street market? What are the reasons behind the high cost of PlayStation 5 in the market? We have the explanation below. 

The Price of PlayStation 5 

PlayStation launches two versions of the latest console, which are the PlayStation 5 disc version and the PlayStation 5 digital version. The price is different when you buy in the retails and street markets. Based on the latest information the cost of the PlayStation 5 disc version is $499 in the retail. The cost is even expensive in street markets in which it reaches $1.024. How about the price of the PlayStation 5 digital version? It is the same. You can get a new PlayStation 5 digital version for $399 in retail. You even have to spend $990 if you buy this game console in the street market. It means the cost in the street market is $591 higher than the cost in the retail. The cost is including extra games, controllers, or accessories. The high cost of this product even triggers PS 5 owners to sell it online. 

The Comparison Between PS 5 and Other Game Consoles 

How about other game consoles? Is the cost of those consoles also expensive? This phenomenon is not only happening on PlayStation 5 but also on other game consoles including Xbox, Nvidia TRX, and AMD RX. For example, the  Xbox Series X is $499 in retail, whereas the street price reaches up to $835. The Xbox Series S is $299 in the retail and increases drastically in the street market to $471.

There is no significant difference in the Nvidia RTX for PC. The Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti is the cheapest in which the cost is $399, whereas Nvidia RTX 3090 is the most expensive in which the price is $1.499 in the retail. The cost of these products doubled in the market. Let’s say the cost of an Nvidia RTX 3090 is $2.076 in the market, whereas the 3080 version is $1.227 and the 3070 version is $819. The cost of Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti in the market is $675. You have to spend up to $1.232 to buy an AMD RX 6800 XT since the retail cost reaches $649. For a cheaper option, you can use AMD RX 6800 in which cost is $841 in the market and $579 in the retail. The description above concludes that the cost of game consoles has increased significantly from retail. Indeed, they are even more costly in the street markets. 

The Sales of PS 5 in the Online Market 

One of the most reputable online stores can sell up to 1.000 units. It seems that people choose to buy the digital version compared to the disc version. Tragically, there is no selling at all for the disc version. It also happens in the Xbox Series X. Indeed, it is because of the costly price in the market.  In contrast, PC gamers seem happy with the release of the new Nvidia and AMD graphics. Both of the products show good sales in one of the most reputable online stores such as eBay. 

Experts predict that this condition will not stop soon. The high-cost makes these products impossible to buy at the market. On the other hand, some people were disappointed because they failed to buy certain Nvidia RTX versions in the online store. Some experts and gamers predict that it is only a market strategy. This situation happens many times for unknown reasons.  

Things that People Do Dealing with This Condition 

Some PS5 owners decide to sell their consoles due to the high cost. The plan is to earn the money from the sale and get another better option. For example, they may sell their PS5 and get an AMD RX 6800. The problem is that finding the AMD RX series is more difficult than finding a PS5 in the market. It seems that gamers have to think twice before buying or selling their consoles. You have to make sure that you get the best option whether you buy a new console or sell it and get a new one. If it is not, you can only wait until the cost is back to normal so you can buy it and make your dream to play PS5 or other game consoles come true. One thing for sure, gamers are always waiting for the latest improvement from these consoles.           

Mobile News Smartphone Technology

The Special Things about Jio’s Latest Android Smartphone

Indians can use the latest Android phone known as Jio in 2021. Google’s contribution makes this gadget special. Jio and Google are about to offer an affordable 4G Android smartphone in India. The launch of the Android smartphone by Jio and Google gives Indians other options besides gadgets by Realme and Xiaomi. Check the details of this great plan below. 

The Role of Google and Qualcomm Ventures

Google CEO in India Sundar Pichai explains that the collaboration will give a greater impact on the development of the Indian mobile phone. Because of that, Google dares to invest up to Rs. 33,737 for this project. It means Google has a 7.7% stake in this project. It is not only a collaboration between Google and Jio but also Qualcomm Ventures. It boosts the project since Qualcomm Ventures can bring 5G connectivity to India. The latest information explains that Qualcomm will install 5G connectivity in October 2021. There is no complete information yet about this plan. Like Google, Qualcomm Ventures see a big prospect in this project. As a result, this company invests up to $97 million and supports the smartphone with Qualcomm’s chipset.  

About the Latest Android Smartphone by Jio 

Jio has a plan to release its latest Android smartphone in December 2020, but it is postponed until the first quarter of 2021. There are no clear specifications and name of this new Android smartphone. The representation of Jio only describes that the gadget will be a representation of an affordable 4G Android smartphone in India. This company even has a greater plan by developing the internet connectivity into 5G due to its collaboration with Qualcomm Ventures. Nowadays, the phone is still in testing. The company launches the testing version to make sure that Indians are familiar with the development. It is a significant development in India since people can only enjoy 2G connectivity. One thing for sure, it has become one of the smartphones in India with the Google Play Store due to the collaboration between Jio and Google.

The Cost of Jio’s Latest Android Smartphone 

Indians may get curious about the price of Jio’s latest Android smartphone. The representation of the company explains that the cost of this gadget is around Rs 4.000. The cost is cheaper than a 2G feature phone in India. On the other hand, this latest Android smartphone is still expensive compared to Jio Phone 1 and Jio Phone 2. Despite the price, Jio claims that this latest smartphone will be one of the cheapest 4G smartphones in India.      

The Jio’s Plans for Its Latest Android Smartphone 

As one of the cheapest 4G mobile phones in India, Jio expects that people will be attracted to use it. Jio also has to win the competition with RealMe and Xiaomi. These two big smartphone providers have launched affordable Android smartphones in India. Because of that, Jio leverages its product one step higher than its competitor. One of the strategies is by introducing and updating the 4G connectivity into 5G connectivity. 

The company expects that Indians can enjoy a smartphone with 5G connectivity in October 2021. Jio has a plan not only to use the 5G connectivity for its latest smartphone but also over 20 startup partners. The company expects that the use of 5G connectivity can develop technology in India in the area of education, healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure, financial services, and e-commerce. Due to the tight competition, Jio plans to launch the 5G connectivity by Qualcomm Ventures in early 2021. There is a possibility that Jio will provide its 5G services free for several months during the launch period like what the company did with the 4G rollout. But, people only can wait whether this company does it or not. 

Another strategy is by producing the smartphone massively. Jio states that there will be over 200 million smartphone units in India over the next two years. The company uses this strategy to compete with Xiaomi that always produces its smartphone massively in India. Indeed, the collaboration with Google and Qualcomm Ventures becomes one of the most powerful strategies to attract Indians to use Jio Phone. 

The Progress 5G Connectivity 

The use of Jio’s 5G connectivity in its latest Android smartphone seems to be realized soon. This plan involves sophisticated activities. Jio has to upgrade almost all of its 4G towers spread across India. The upgrade process takes a few months or even years. We can’t only wait for the launch of 5G connectivity in 2021, along with the release of Jio’s latest Android smartphone. 

Devices Technology

HBO Max’s Optimism in Still Having a Good Partnership with Roku after the App Deletion from the Device

WarnerMedia launched HBO Max at the end of May. Around 6 weeks later, there are still shows from HBO Max on the Roku device. But then, the problem starts to show. Only a few weeks after that, the app disappeared from the gadget. Then, it is known that the problem is not only in your streaming service but also the managerial of both companies. Well, it is although the executive producer of HBO Max tries to make the customers sure that both parties will find a solution to bring back HBO Max to Roku. 

In an interview, the vice executive president of HBO Max, Andy Forsell, said directly to the customers of WarnerMedia that they will solve it. Forsell added that he cannot predict as well as cannot fasten the agreement. Something which is very important to believe is that Roku is a good partner for HBO. He stated that his side will always conduct good business with them. Additionally, Forsell also mentions the importance of making a way to still have a good partnership with Roku for the sake of customers’ satisfaction.

The effort to solve the problem has a reason. Streaming is demanded a lot by customers and their interests in this kind of entertainment are increased rapidly during the pandemic. It makes TV and companies related to it must think more deeply to attract the customers’ attention more. Sure, there are people who still watch TV and prefer doing it. However, it cannot change the fact that streaming services are currently more popular and likable. 

HBO that is previously known as one of the TV stations starts to develop its influence on the streaming service. Well, it is successful although its name may not still be as big as Netflix and others. Many shows with high-quality are made and presented to get more profits from customers in this way. Sure, HBO cannot work by itself. It needs partners to make their services are watched and streamed more and more by customers. One of the most strategic partners is Roku, for sure.

Unfortunately, there is a fact that may make the effort of HBO seem useless. The newest app by HBO cannot be supported well by Roku. And here is the problem starting. Both parties negotiate to solve this problem. But even HBO looks really sure that there will be a solution, it has not been known yet, what kind of solution it is.

Big Movies in HBO Max

Despite the problem they must face related to the cooperation with Roku, HBO Max has announced that most of the new films of Warner Bros will debut in HBO Max. They include Wonder Women 1984, Matrix, and Dune. Interestingly, there is no additional cost to enjoy those movies if you are watching them on the same day those movies are launched in theatres. 

Is the launch of some popular movie also an attempt to keep HBO Max surviving? Although it is not likely the problem is getting worse for HBO Max without Roku, it can be said that the launch of movies is some effort to attract customers. Maybe, it is also a way made by HBO Max to let Roku conduct better business cooperation with it in the future.

Roku Rejects to Comment

While HBO Max seems to be spiritual to comment regarding its relationship with the streaming device, on the other hand, the representative of Roku refuses to comment. Sure, it causes many assumptions that the partnership between both may not be as good as how it looks like. Well, although the perception must be denied by HBO Max.

Furthermore, some new streaming services from HBO Max and NBC Universal, Peacock were launched without any app from Roku as well as Amazon’s Fire TV. This way, the device development combines support from patchworks. Indeed, HBO Max still has a deal with devices from Amazon’s Fire. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the app is still missing from Roku. This is what makes customers seem to worry and disappoint.

For customers of both platforms; HBO Max and Roku, they may wait for the newer deal to be made by them although it has not been known yet when it will be. At least, there is another new deal from Peacock and Roku in September to support the Peacock app on the device. So, it can be a good alternative for customers who want to enjoy the streaming service from HBO in Roku although it is indeed not HBO Max.

Apps and Software News Technology

5 Reasons Why Quiby Fail

Technology, especially smartphones nowadays already are daily food which is “edible” for any kind of group from children, teenagers, to adults. You can access any kind of information and entertainment just by touching the 2 inches monitor anywhere and anytime. Because of this fact, many kinds of entertainment industries including those who already have a channel on television begin to develop their platform for smartphone application. For example, Netflix, youtube, BBC, and even Disney which are classified as the giant industry in the entertainment field already do it. So does the newcomer company called Quiby to want, follow their way of success. This company already spent $ to develop this platform for providing short-timed streaming content and features where we can watch their contents from landscape or portrait position in full-screen mode. However, as we know expectation does not often get along with reality. After struggling for 6-8 months, this company falls to bankruptcy. Why did this failure happen? Here are the reasons :

  1. Bad Timing to Start

Quiby began to make their contents 1 week before New York shut down because of Covid-19. Of course, it would limit their own space and movement to content making based on government rule for preventing more transmission of that virus. Besides that, this pandemic also disturbed their plan to build a bigger studio. As a newcomer who begins from zero, starting a company in a pandemic was very risky. They can’t produce profit yet and run the company purely with investors’ money

  1. Too much Intervention in Management System

A company called professional if the command system runs where the upper management makes a general plan and floor it to mid-management. The mid-management will convert a general plan to more specific steps and concepts. Then, they delegate the steps and concept to lower management for testing whether the concept can be run in real condition or not. Ethically, if there are any kind of plan changes from upper management, they must discuss it first with the mid-management. In some conditions, the upper management is able to direct command to lower management. However, based on the “in some condition” statement, this can’t be good if done frequently. It will confuse the lower-management if any sudden plan changes often occur. Unfortunately, this “cut compass” was done by the CEO of Quiby himself, Jeffrey Katzenberg. As stated by an ex-worker of that company where he often got different commands between Jeffrey and other executives. With this kind of unsynchronized management, how can be expected good quality content from it?

  1. Unfocused concept of the Content

In the entertainment sector, before we make some content, we must think first about to whom our content will be delivered. Of course, we must make different concepts when creating content for teenagers and content for 40-50 years old adults because each group has its interest. It is very important to determine this audience specialization because we can create the concept easier and more focused to develop the content quality. After that, we can also calculate the budget to make the contents more careful to take care of the consistency of the contents. However, the management of Quiby didn’t realize their mistakes in making content. They make any kind of concept, widened everywhere without considering what the audience wants. A blurred concept like that will make no interest and impression for people compared to other platforms. Misfocus leads to waste the money they already invest to invite public figures. This unfocus concept was proven by the statement from an ex-worker who expected Quiby would provide news show content but in reality, was a mainstream pop culture entertainment show. 

  1. Bad Marketing

Even if we have good products but we can’t sell them properly, it will be useless. In covid-19 where people must stay at home, they will look for entertainment from their gadget. This can be promised to Quiby for promoting their platform. However, the mistake is they set their platform for pay to watch whereas they only provide short-timed content. Worse, the customer must pay more to remove the advertisement. Compared to other platforms, you can access that kind of content freely. As the audience absolutely will choose free cost if they just want to watch short content. Besides that, they make their platform exclusive so they did not provide a feature to share video clips on other social media. Therefore they already close one of the doors to promote their content.   

Business News

Uber and Other Platform Companies to Push Over the Status of Gig Workers

The status of gig workers in the US has been quite controversial so far. Platforms like Uber, Lyft, Instacart, and others are basically new things in the world. Therefore, the rights of the workers may not be completely stated in US law. Meanwhile, the November’s election leads to some of the gig companies to fight for the rights of their workers. Uber is one of them.

There is a story shared by Jason Schaal, one of the Uber drivers living in Minneapolis. Last month, when he was just sitting at home and checking his phone, there was a message from Uber, the platform where he works. The subject line of the message said, “Make your voice heard.” The rest of the message said that the US Department of Labor was evaluating some rules. One of them is regarding the determination of the independent status of gig workers. Schaal and other workers in Uber were asked to comment on the plan of employees monitoring software

Schaal has many reasons to choose to be a gig worker as his job. As information, he doesn’t only work in Uber but also in other platforms; they are Lyft, Instacart, and Shipt. He said that the main reason why he prefers the job is because of the flexibility. He is able to balance other jobs. And even if they just want to have a holiday, it is also easier to do. Sure, money is also an important point here. Schaal and his fellow workers can gain extra money from this job. That’s why; many people are currently interested in being a gig worker whether full-time or part-time.

The message from Uber came around 12 days before the ride-hailing company’s victory in California. Aside from the national election in the country, a similar election will also be conducted independently by the company. The independent election is mainly with a purpose to change the workers’ status to be independent contractors, not employees. This way, they can get some other benefits including health insurance. However, the realization seems to still be difficult based on some factors; internally and externally. If most of the workers agree with the new status to give, Uber will push it nationally along with other gig platforms.

A Possibility to Win

The most important question is, is there a big possibility to win? By seeing the tendency in the California vote, it shows that there is a possibility to win. It is possible that the demands from the gig companies to win over the current law and other regulations.

Some factors are behind this for sure. First of all, the demand to change the workers’ status is a good and fair thing. At least, it is not only for the benefits of the company but also the welfare of the workers. Support from people, in general, are mostly in their hands. Second, Uber and other similar companies are currently not small companies. They have money to influence the economic development of the nation. 

Interestingly, Uber is not the only company that conducts a vote to get support from its workers. Previously, some other companies including and Lyft have done the same thing although with different actions. The main purpose is to approach the labor union as well as some relevant parties like the state regulators, governors, and state officials. When California functions well in this matter, it can be a good sample of how the gig workers must be treated nationally. 

Further Actions

On Wednesday, some platform companies; Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Doordash, and Postmates launched a coalition from Washington DC, namely the Alliance of Apps-Based Workers. The purpose of the alliance is to keep the independence of the workers. It refers to a part of Proposition 22 about how to educate the officials about how the independent workers should be as well as to promote state policies that support on-demands economy development. The alliance is also established to prompt the congress to think more ambitiously in modernizing the law mainly related to labor.

Additionally, Lyft has launched a political action committee to work on the law of the independent contractors in Illinois and New York. Even the company has established an Illinois PAC in June and donated around USD 1.2 million to achieve the purpose. Based on the gig workers in the state, the company has sent a letter, bought digital advertisements, and donated to 50 official candidates for the campaigns to support them in the November election. Even to make it look more dramatic, most of the PAC webs are empty. There is only a sentence, “We’re fighting for Illinois workers and their right to independence.”